Membership Information

W2CRA ~ Membership Information

A Message to our Members, current and future . . . . .

The Cherryville Repeater Association II is a non profit, New Jersey 501C(3) Corporation dedicated to Community Service Through Communication.  Cherryville is an ARRL Special Service Club; as such, our members are active throughout the entire year in various Public Service Events, illustrating our motto. While on-going, active participation in Public Service Events or other club sponsored activites is not currently a requirement to maintain membership in good standing, all members are strongly encouraged to volunteer for at least one event every year.  Volunteering can take a variety forms  holding a board position, chairing a committee responsible for a specific event or activity, serving as Net Control for a specific event or activity, or simply showing up with your hand-held radio and spare battery to provide the vital and effective communications that our club is known for.

A large amount of work is involved in keeping a club like Cherryville healthy, vital, and responsive to its membership needs. But all too often a small group of people ends up doing most of the work.  It makes much more sense for all members to participate and take active responsibility for the vitality of the club  YOUR Club!  If every member pitches in and does a little bit, then no one suffers burn-out.

The worst thing to happen to a club like ours is for the active members to finally say “I’ve had it” and quietly disappear.  It has happened too often in the past, and we don’t want it to happen in the future.

Please . . . be an active member of this great club!  Come to Club Meetings  we really do have a lot of fun!   If you want to see things change, come to Board Meetings and be part of the solution.  Raise your hand when committee chairs ask for help.  All of us lead hectic lives, but there is probably a day here and there that you could carve out for your club.  Otherwise, why be a member?

 General Membership Meetings

When – The Cherryville Repeater Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM

Where – Flemington Baptist Church, 170 Main Street, Flemington New Jersey.

General membership meetings are always open to ALL – ham or non-ham!

 Board Meetings

When – The Board of Directors meets at 7:30PM on the first Wednesday of the month prior to the General Membership Meeting

Where – Panera Bread in the Flemington Mall, Flemington, New Jersey

Board meetings are open to all.

Please Note: If you have an issue that requires Board consideration or would simply like to learn more about how the Cherryville Repeater Association is operated “behind the scenes”, please contact any board member for more information to make sure that the schedule has not been changed and to have any issues added to the agenda.

  Dues Schedule
       Regular Membership:   $30.00
        Family Membership:   $35.00
         Senior Membership:   $25.00

Dues are due at the January meeting for the calendar year. Grace period for continued membership benefits extends until 7:30 PM at the April Club meeting. Dues must be paid by that time in order to be eligible to vote in the Club elections or continue receiving Uplink and other Club benefits. Dues can be paid to the Treasurer at the meeting or mailed to:

Cherryville Repeater Association, II, Inc.
P.O. Box 623
Pittstown, NJ  08867

 How to Become a Member of the Cherryville Repeater Association  

  • Membership is open to any and all Licensed Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) of any license class.
  • Prospective members must be sponsored by a current member in good standing of the club.
  • Membership applications are available at club meetings or from any Board Member and is also available here on the website!
  • Prospective members must attend or participate in 3 club activities (Public Service Events, Hamfest, Field Day setup or take-down, or regular club meetings) before being considered for vote.
  • Prospective members are voted on by the club membership at the regular club meeting on or after their third activity.