Club Info

W2CRA ~ About the Cherryville Repeater Association 

The Cherryville Repeater Association is an active club of licensed amateur radio operators and their families, most of whom live within 50 miles or so of Flemington, New Jersey, but some of whom live as far away as Bono, Arkansas. Membership is open to any ham, and potential new members are encouraged to come meet us at club meetings.

Based in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and founded in 1973, CRA is an ARRL Special Services Club which provides “Community Service Through Communication.” Providing logistical coordination for parades, health and welfare communication for triathalons, walkathons, horse trials, boy scout activities, school activities, and other places people gather keeps our members busy throughout the year. 

CRA members also respond in times of community emergency. The club is closely affiliated with the Hunterdon County Office of Emergency Management. Many club members are also members of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) and the National Weather Service SkyWarn program. Trained in the special techniques required of emergency communication, we assist local government, police, and Red Cross in times of disaster (hazardous materials spills, flood evacuation, ice storm shelter activities, etc.). We are always on standby to assist wherever and whenever we are needed.

CRA maintains an extensive Repeater System on 2 meters (147.375 MHz, +600 kHz, CTCSS 151.4). With multiple voting receive sites linked to the main transmit site located at the Hunterdon County Communications complex in Cherryville, New Jersey (between Clinton and Flemington), coverage is provided from Interstate 80 to Philadelphia, and from Allentown, PA to Long Island, NY. In addition, CRA also maintains a second 2 meter repeater on 147.015 MHz, and repeaters on 224.120, 444.850 and 446.475 MHz.